Your Career in Shipbuilding & Ship Repair

There has never been a better time to join a safe, well-paying and technologically advanced industry! BC’s shipbuilding employers are seeking new talent, presenting excellent opportunities for stable employment, advanced training, job advancement, job mobility and optimum working conditions all in the heart of one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

Getting Started

Careers in the BC Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Industry usually begin with an apprenticeship for skilled trades, or with a job directly at a shipyard. Many get their start in shipbuilding as a shipyard labourer prior to being accepted into an apprenticeship program. Discuss possible career steps with your school counsellor, career counsellor, or a union hall representative and consider high school trades programs and post-secondary pre-apprenticeship programs as a great place to start learning about the trades.

Education & Training

Most apprenticeships require you to have a high school diploma and  to complete a foundations certificate as a prerequisite prior to starting your apprenticeship. Check with available training providers to learn their specific eligibility requirements.

There are different pathways you can take for your career depending on the occupation you choose. View the high demand occupations sheets for specific information relevant to that career.

Learn more about shipbuilding’s high demand occupations and start planning your career as a shipbuilder with our shipbuilding occupation information sheets.  icon-arrow-circle-right