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The Campaign

The We Are Shipbuilders campaign is geared at raising the awareness of career options and opportunities in British Columbia’s thriving shipbuilding and ship repair industry, and highlighting the advantages of working for a growing, safe, high tech and stable industry that offers excellent working conditions on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia.

Over the next decade alone, BC’s shipbuilding employers will be recruiting well over 4,000 additional individuals to join the shipbuilding and ship repair sector and the directly affiliated metal plate and fabrication sector, with projections forecasting new openings beyond 2020.


The Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Board (SSRB) is the unified voice of the shipbuilding and ship repair sector of British Columbia. The SSRB includes senior representatives from industry, labour, and government who work collaboratively to provide industry leadership, co-ordination and integration of cross-industry workforce development, technology and process development, and industry development projects.

Since its inception, the SSRB has been working closely with industry partners to ensure that the sector has the right numbers of workers, with the right skills, in the right locations, and at the right times to support productivity and technology transfer, and to enable the sector’s expansion, competitiveness and sustainability.