Electric Motor Systems Technician


Electric motor systems technicians (winder electricians) maintain, test, rebuild and repair electric motors, transformers, switch gears, and other electrical equipment. They are often involved with the installation of electrical machines, systems and equipment in many heavy industries, including shipbuilding and ship repair. 

Unlike an electrician, electric motor systems technicians focus much of their work on installing, reconditioning, repairing, servicing, and testing motor generators, transformers, control panels, and other motorized or mechanized electrical systems. Electric motor service technicians often perform predictive and preventative maintenance services on motorized electrical equipment as well.

  • Test, monitor and repair electrical, electronic & mechanical components and systems using specialized testing and measuring devices.
  • Troubleshoot and repair electric motors, transformers, switchgears, generators and other electro-mechanical equipment.
  • Perform static or dynamic balancing of armatures or rotors through welding, brazing or soldering electronic connections or by aligning and adjusting parts.
  • Recondition shafts, commutators and other parts through the process of machining.
  • Perform on-site service and repair duties.
  • You are passionate about motorized electric and electromagnetic systems and navigating your way through a mess of colour coded wires to achieve success.
  • You are a strong communicator who enjoys mathematics and precise details.
  • You are physically active and thrive in environments where both your mind and your body are put to good use. 
  • You like to see the immediate results of all of your hard work and dedication.
  • You enjoy working with evolving electronic and electromagnetic technologies.


Careers in the BC shipbuilding & ship repair industry usually begin with an apprenticeship in a skilled trade or with a job directly at a shipyard. Many get their start in shipbuilding as a shipyard labourer prior to being accepted into an apprenticeship program.

Discuss possible career steps with your school counsellor, career counsellor, or a union hall representative and consider high school trades programs and post-secondary pre-apprenticeship programs as a great place to start learning about the trades.


High school graduation is preferred for entry into an electrical motor system technician apprenticeship, including Math 12, English 12 and Physics 12. 

Check with available training providers to see their specific eligibility requirements. After high school, there are different pathways you can take to become an electrical motor system technician. 

In order to be eligible for certification as an electrical motor system technician, you can complete a four-year apprenticeship program or you can apply a combination of over four years of work experience as an electrical motor system technician, plus some high school, college or other industry courses.

BC apprentices registered in this program must take their technical training in Alberta.