Glenn’s Story

The “Get on Board!” Contest First Place Winner: Glenn Gerbrandt We are extremely pleased to share this highly original and truly inspiring story by Glenn Gerbrandt of Vancouver Shipyards. We encourage you to read Glenn’s story, complete with original photography, and see for yourself why Glenn was selected as the first place winner and recipient… Read More

Brent’s Story

The “Get on Board!” Contest Third Place Winner: Brent Longton In addition to Brent’s $1,000.00 award-winning story below, Brent also submitted a very informative survey to the “Get on Board!” contest. Brent attended university and then tried his hand at a number of different trades, and his story is a great example of how his… Read More

Monica’s Story

I’ve been working on ships for just over two years and from day one I’ve always felt like I’m welcome and part of the team. The reason I started working in the shipbuilding industry was the diversity it offers and the ever-changing daily job duties and requirements. One of the best parts of my job… Read More

Cavan’s Story

I recently began working in the field of shipbuilding. I’m used to working with my hands, but I’ve been looking for a field that challenged me and taught me new skills instead of something that had me doing the same thing from day to day. I knew within the first week I had found that… Read More

Callum’s Story

Any kid will tell you that if you want to see your boat float, you shouldn’t push it into the water while you’re draining the bathtub. However, in real life, you come across situations you can’t control that are similar to this. Last summer, I found myself standing on the shores of BC’s Upper Arrow… Read More